Called to Preach – Called to Prepare

In any field of work training is required. The same goes for the ministry. At Bay Baptist Training Centre we are not interested in general training for anyone that calls themselves a Christian but desire to train men and women who are born again, believe the Bible to be the Word of God, and want to know it better to serve Him more effectively.

Furthermore, we specialize in helping young men and women pursue full-time ministry work. We want to give our students the foundation to build a lifetime of service upon.

Everything we will teach and and promote will be based upon the Word of God. It is our source for all of our faith and practice. We want our students leaving having full confidence in God’s Holy word as it is His book that He says can throughly (equip) furnish the man of God unto all good works! (II Tim 3:16,17)

Two requests:

  1. Pray for Bay Baptist Training Centre as we seek to train people to reach the world with the Gospel.
  2. Consider training with us if you believe God wants you to be better equipped for ministry.


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