Help & Happiness

What two things are most people searching and dying for in life? Help and Happiness. As far as help goes, even though many people might not voice their need of it, they secretly want help. They simply don’t know where to find it, or what kind of help they really need.

On the other hand you don’t have to look far or long to find people wanting to be happy. Check the social media status of your friends. People want happiness. They try to find it in relationships, through the latest guru, or through money and success.

God tells us real help and happiness come from Him and His Word. Now, as a Christian you can either let your idolatrous heart drag you along through life searching for these things in vain or you can direct your heart to where God says you can actually get them.

In Luke 11:28 Jesus tells us that a life that is truly happy and content is one that is lived in knowing and obeying the Word of God. One author helps grasp the meaning of the word “blessed” in this verse saying, “Jesus used the term (blessed) to speak of a blissful state of life—a life accompanied by peace and joy, meaning and value, hope and fulfillment…”

At Bay Baptist Training Centre we don’t want to just help you get head knowledge of the Word but we want to help you know the God of the Bible, learn to walk with Him by His Spirit in accordance with His written Word.

This is the path to true happiness and life changing help.

In closing, here is powerful verse to think and meditate upon: Psalms 119:24 – Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors

In other words, “God your Word is my source of happiness and help!”


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